Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kindle Select Experiment

After 24 hours, my novel The Twelve Stones cracked the top ten of Science Fiction novels (which is HUGE!), it hit #5 in Science Fiction/Adventure and overall I sold 672 copies. At its highest point, it was rated at #341 of free Kindle Books (it's at #382 right now). If I've proven anything at this point, it's that people REALLY like free shit. 

Regardless, I feel like I can call today a success (selling anything for me would've been considered success in my book), but we'll have to see what tomorrow brings! What's key to this whole experiment is seeing how actual sales do after the free promotion is over with (This weekend should be really interesting for me). The exposure my high ranking will offer and the reviews that will eventually come in will hopefully help propel this and other works of mine to the next level.

Pursuing a dream ain't always easy, but days like today really make the times when I'm feeling real low seem distant and silly. I guess that's not always an easy lesson to learn, but, I'm gonna try and remember that from now on. I don't know if I'm ever gonna make it or not, but, at least I feel like I've given it everything I've got. That's all anyone can do I suppose.

Thank you all for your loving support, I wouldn't be able to do it without everyone!